Composing for choreography

... we drifted into the worlds of music and dance...

While composing electronic music for the French choreographer¬†Sarah Picard¬†I just have to feel out what’s coming from her in the moment. If it’s some space, heady techno I might just want to lose my mind and make her dancers hold each other close, feeling their bodies together, floating in space than grounded in any rhythm.

During 4 years of our collaborative work we drifted into the worlds of music and dance. I feel a wave of inspiration from Sarah and Virginie.

The air is filled with an energy of dedication, team work and creative spirit. Together we share a different art that drifts into our own artistic worlds and this collaboration fills me with energy and maddening creativity over and over again. I thank each day for this encounter and moments of creativity together. Proud to announce our next project in 2021.

The choreography of Expression K’danse dance group being graceful, mesmerizing, expressive, heart-touching, creative, alluring and flawless is synchronized with my melancholic, cinematic composition and arrangement.


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