Every time I get in the studio

I slip back into a well-worn groove

Every time I get in the studio I’m struck by how easy and how difficult it is. I slip back into a well-worn groove, but as usual it has unexpected bumps and sharp edges. However many times you’ve done it, there’s still a mystery about the process. Where do songs even come from and what should they sound like? In studio I mainly focus on the recording as opposed to the live performance. At the Parisian Studio Studio De La Grande Armée I succeeded to show that the abstractness of my music expresses the themes of our lives!

Picking a great studio helps me to feel the magic that has been created there in the past! It’s inspiring me instantly. This is the reason why I record music in different countries. Nothing is better than feeling inspired when you are about to hit the big red button! I also love to try a huge range of gear in different professional studios.

“Nothing comes easy when you produce music. Being a musician I love to make up the beat on the spot! I am taking the minimal approach of production adding hypnotic glitches. If my hips are moving while listening to the steps of the recording … it’s a win!”


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