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Sound of Men started with the idea of sampling Japanese voices and mix them with my techno house universe. I didn’t want to pit one style against the other. But rather make them meet. And introduce a new sound experience to both traditional Japanese music and techno-house.

A big thank you to DBMASTERPRO Mixage Mastering; Francesco Mantero and his recording studio Otto Note Como; Group Seven; Patrizia Luchetta; and last but not least Roba Music Publishing.

Artwork by Clemente Passariello

Beyond Boiler - Italian Live Dj Set tour kicked off at Como's Light House

The boiler room type performance at Como's Light House on November 4th marked the beginning of a series of live dj sets which will take place in the coming months in unique and - sometimes - quite unusual locations. 

The next performance will be at MOKART, an indoor carting track located in Montano (Como). I'm looking forward to see you there and share my music with you. In the meantime you can get a feel of the show by watching my Light House performance on YouTube

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Sunset Boiler Room Event in Ibiza... the heat was on!

Some 60 persons gathered for this invitation-only event on October 7th, 2017, in an exclusive, secluded villa in the hills of Cala Benirrás. The crowd hit the dancing floor to the signature sounds of Rem Perry and the live percussion act of Gustavo Morales aka Dj Ghost, and cheered the musicians throughout the two-and-a-half-hour ethnic house act - -. 

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the audience reaffirms both Rem’s artistic direction and the appeal of live dj sets combined with live musicians. Group Seven is excited – to say the least - to continue working with his signature artist Rem Perry in this direction, and to support him for two new projects which will be disclosed in the coming weeks. 

Group Seven would like to seize the opportunity to thank Alain Heinz for having graciously made his house of available for the event; as well as the professionality of Carlos Jurado, who organized and coordinated the sound & light system set up, as well as the catering.


On September 17th, 2017 I had the privilege to perform for the closing event of Lugano’s WOP ART – an exhibition dedicated to Works on Paper masterpieces. WOP ART is of course about art, but most importantly also about the emotions that are awakened as we hold paper objects in our hands; about the senses of sight, touch and smell which shape our individual, very personal experience of and interaction with artistic creations. What better way to conclude such an event with music, the universal language of mankind.

Successful première in Como’s centro storico


After 2 and a half days of intense studio work in Como, Rem Perry and fellow musician-percussionist Gustavo Morales aka Dj Ghost, showcased their new ethnic house performance in the city’s Piazza Alessandro Volta (Café Krudo) on August 29 th , in front of some 300 persons. Group Seven is particularly pleased by the public’s overwhelmingly positive reaction since its artist Rem Perry and Gustavo Morales will be performing the full version of this new show on October 7 th in Ibiza, in an exclusive “boiler room” format. The coming weeks will be busy!
More to come very soon.

Freak Show 2017 – Music by Rem Perry

Rem Perry was chosen by Sarah Picard, dance teacher and choreographer, to compose the music for the 2017 edition of her show “Who killed the bearded woman?”. Sarah’s “freak show” was showcased in Nancy mid-June by her dance company: Expression K’Dance