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Rem Perry: You have brilliant DJs in the Balkans

For Rem Perry we can say that he is a full-fledged artist: producer, arranger, musician, and DJ. He began his career in the early 90s composing and arranging for artists, TV documentaries and movies. From 2006 to 2016, Rem divided his time between Europe and Israel where he collaborated with well-known Israeli musicians and artists.

Lately, he has been concentrating more on the DJ side of his musical career. Rem’s latest gigs include performances at clubs and venues in Ibiza, Italy, and Luxembourg. In 2017 he released his first album, "A Glint in Our Eyes" with very clear and refined house sound and the year after he released “Sound of men”. Rem Perry is in Macedonia these days as a part of his regional tour in Serbia, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Monte Negro and Croatia. Of course we used this one and only opportunity to talk to him.

You started and developed your career as a composer, producer and arranger. How did DJing come about, was it a natural milestone for a music artist after so much experience in creating music?

Once a musician has the artistic skills to compose music, those skills may take him to different paths of music and there it may be middle age or electronic. Djing for me is about creating, composing and producing music live. The day ABLETON and NATIVE INSTRUMENTS began producing software for live djing, I understood that I can combine my knowledge and skills with this new technology and create something unique. This evening at the AMANET FESTIVAL I will be performing with STEMS, which is a revolution of sound creation, the channels are separated and I can build and rebuild a composition indefinitely.


In a French interview - podcast you say that you entered the music world interested in medieval music. Rarely do DJs come up with such complete sound knowledge that precedes modern music. How is that knowledge influencing your music today?

Electronic music has always been residing inside me and influenced my compositions, what happens now is that I compose Electronic music that is influenced by medieval music and its absolutely fascinating for me. Since I was a teenager and later a young artist I was following the music of KRAFTWERK, SKINNY PUPPY, YELLO, BLANCMANGE, ART OF NOISE.


Your music is described as “cinematic indie rock.”. What role does visualization/cinema play in creating your sound?

In the Cinema sound is used to heighten a mood, provides us with a feeling about the scene and tell us about the characters in the story. My music is melancholic and this is the reason its described as “cinematic”. While composing I visualize moments of life and my listeners also visualize moments in their lives. This allows me a broader expression in my sounds, creating a footstep in the design of my music.

In „Sound of Men“, traditional Japanese music meets techno-house. How did that happen?

Well, there are two aspects to my answer. Technically speaking, the technology today gives us ability to combine genres of music in a modern way. Artistically speaking, I have always used ethnic sound in my composition and the purity of the Japanese voice combines beautifully and so naturally with techno-house.

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You have been active in Israel for a long time. What is the difference between the electronic scene there and the one in Europe?

The difference is that Israel’s electronic scene has endured something of rollercoaster ride over the past three decades or so. Tel Aviv is a fantastic city with bubbling nightlife and Just as the population of Israel is made up of many ethnic groups, its music too is plural.

What are your impressions of our region? Can you say that the Balkans is a welcoming place for electronic music?

Well, apart from the beautiful people, food and nature you have brilliant Djs in Balkans such as Rudhaman, Lephonq, Nemax and many more. I can say that I am fascinated by the electronic music in Balkans, it has many brunches and I feel that the electro swing meets the Balkans with a touch of Dub all rustled up with a unique 21 st century twist. I am very happy to play at the AMANET festival this evening.

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